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24 February 2012 @ 06:32 pm
I'm sure you wonder why we posted all entries again. Thanks to cmsgackt I could convert our previous SubYouHappy LJ account into a community!

Before I wanted to delate the LJ account and create then a new community, but this way it quite better, right?
First we made accidently a LJ account, but the big disadvantage through this was that we as SubYouHappy had the chance to saw all of your Friend's only entries.
Some member doubt to add us because of this. I think the way of a community is much better than a LJ account. It's better for the subteam and better for you.

Sadly all of your comments are gone now.
But THANK YOU VERY MUCH for supporting us!! Thank you!!!
As redemption we have soon a new subbed video!
Looking foward to it! ^^


24 March 2012 @ 06:15 pm

Welcome to SubYouHappy!

SubYouHappy is an English Fansubgroup who translate GACKT/YFC videos for the whole fandom.
With this project we want to make GACKT's sisters and brothers happy and make us understand our most favorite and beloved japanese artist GACKT.

SYH means in the fandom "SHOW YOUR HEART" but with this project it will have a double-meaning for us.
SYH ... SubYouHappy!

If you want to download our subs, then join our community!
It's Friend's only!
I hope you will enjoy our subtitles.

We intent to make only subs of GACKT and YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz videos and clips. No other artists (except of project where Gackt works with other artists together of course).

We want to release Softsubs.
I think not all people know what Softsubs are. We hope we can explain it well.
There are Hardsubs and Softsubs.
Hardsubs are videos in which the subtitles are integrated in the video. Most of the subbed videos on Youtube are Hardsubs! No one can rewrite the subs.
Softsub is the opposite of Hardsub. The Subtitle is a separate file, has the format .srt, .ass, .sub and so on. In addition of the Softsub you must use your RAW video (video without subs) which is place on your computer.

The reason why we will release mostly Softsubs is, because the most of us have already download the videos (for example from Tenshin). Why we should download the video again to watch it with subs?! There is a much easier way.
If you have already the video (from Tenshin for example) then you only need download our Softsubs.
BUT … before to play it and see the subs into the video you must check something out!
Make sure that the Subtitle (.ass) and the video (.avi for example) has the SAME DIRECTORY and the SAME NAME!
GACKT – Moon Saga.avi
GACKT – Moon Saga.ass
Then play your video and the subtitle will play automatically.
Play it with the latest version of VLC player please!
We hope it works for you all. If you have problems then ask us, we will try to help you.

When we translate videos which we cannot find RAWs online anymore and we don't know either where we have downloaded it back then, we will release a Hardsub version!

At the end a little comment from our translator RyL:
"Okay, I will clarify something. I did not take any official or any Japanese lessons before, as I don't have money to learn and attend lessons.
So, I believe that as long as the meaning is there, its already the best.
If there are any mistakes, please just say it out~

Please read our rules and notes before you download our subtitles!
If you want join this team, then write a PM.

Okay … we think we said the important things.
Then, have fun with our subtitles! Comments are always welcome.

Your SubYouHappy-Team

24 February 2012 @ 06:16 pm

Here you can read some rules and notes.
PLEASE follow the rules of our fansubteam!


1. Don't re-post links outside of this Livejournal account without the permission of the team! You can link to a post, but not re-post a link of the files.

2. Don't encode our Softsubs into Hardsubs and don't post our subs to streaming sites

3. If you have the intention to translate the subs into another language, please ask first and write us a PM

4. If you have problems with the sub-files or other question regarding the subtitles then write daikon_tenshis a PM

5. You can also request videos. Time after time we can make polls or ask you which videos/clips you want to see with subs. But the team/translators will decide which videos will sub.

6. Please be patient! If you find any mistakes in the translations or the subtitles itself then tell us and we will correct this. Our translators give their best to translate into English. But nobody is perfect.

7. If you have also interest to join our team, write a PM and tell us what do you want to do.
Translators are ALWAYS welcome!

Your SubYouHappy-Team